Saturday, January 5, 2013

Building LibreOffice with Clang on Ubuntu/Mint

So, I wanted to build a clang plug-in for LibreOffice. I never expected that it would be hard to do so.

I am on Linux Mint 14, and the problem was that the clang/llvm version is slightly older.

So, here is how I made it work (thanks to the guys in the mailing lists).
  1. Install the clang ppa:
  2. Update your package cache: sudo apt-get update
  3. Install clang: sudo apt-get install clang llvm
  4. (optional - if you want to build plug-ins) sudo apt-get install llvm-dev libclang-dev
  5. Add the following to your autogen.lastrun file: CC=clang
    --enable-compiler-plugins (that last one only if you want to build the plug-ins)
  6. Run ./ && make  and you are in business.
The rest of the discussion is available on the wiki.

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