Saturday, December 22, 2012

Summary of the Proprietary Stunt

You might have read that stunt and wondered what happened... It turns out I got busy enough to skip writing.

So here it is.
I spent one month using Windows 7 with as many proprietary programs as possible. My experience:
  • DRM-enabled things like YouTube paying movies work so much better. +1 For proprietary.
  • For music playing, Windows Media Player isn't too awesome. It doesn't support the formats well, nor the tags in the music files for sorting them. On the other hand, every serious media player on Linux does these things super well. +1 for open source
  • I had one BSOD in Windows. In Linux, it depends on the distribution and the software I use. Still, +1 for proprietary.
  • User-friendliness of Excel was not very good with the separator thing, LO wins on that. +1 open source.
  • Both WMP and the default video player handled the videos I wanted cleanly, so that's a draw.
  • Keyboard layout switching worked good on both, so that's a draw.
  • Weather widget is not as good as on Linux. +1 open source.
  • HP Print setup is confusing and contradictory - I wasted a lot of ink on that. +2 open source.
The bottom line: stability was greater on my hardware on Windows than on Linux. The quality of the rest of the software was worse, however.
Had I got a not-cheapo laptop, the stability benefits would've probably not even be seen. 
Then, I spent a few days on Windows 8. That experience was traumatizing. It was 10x worse than the switch from Gnome 2 to Gnome 3.

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