Monday, September 10, 2012

Update on my Windows Stunt

So its almost two weeks I've been using Windows 7.

Here are the pros:

  • No crashes
  • Office is handling my OpenDocument Format files properly so far
  • Skype and Google Video Chat work flawlessly
And there are a few annoyances:
  • Default scanning application won't save as PDFs .Huhh??? So its HP's software all the way.
  • Google Chrome won't load one of my sites ( properly. Huuuh?
  • Its annoying to have to hunt for the application you need
  • Spybot and Windows Defender don't mix it seems. Yuck.
  • Virtual PC won't let me install a Linux ISO on it... weeeird. Is it the stretchable partition?
  • Live Mail won't send using my college's SMTP server, but it was working in Thunderbird. Duuuuude.
  • Google Chrome won't pick up the Java plugin and an extra install is required. Wut?
  • No built-in support for Ogg... come on!!! Its not like there is a license fee to pay! At least the plug-in was free.
  • No default bittorrent client. Sigh
  • I tried using IntelliJ, but the git support wasn't good, so back to NetBeans.
  • The proprietary LaTeX editors were worse than TexMaker, so back to the good stuff.

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