Saturday, September 1, 2012

Trying to be a 'Normal User'

Recently, I had to apply for QPIP, and I discovered that I had to do this on Windows. Grrrr.

So, thankfully, I didn't delete that Windows partition and got the job done. So I decided to go on a stunt. Could I try to be a 'normal user'? I brushed that aside and went back to Linux. I switched from Fedora to Mint, in the hope that a less cutting edge distro would fare better. Wrong.
I toyed with the idea again and, two freezes later, I decided to embark on the journey.

So, what does that mean?

  • For the next month, I'm going to use Windows 7 as much as possible
  • I will avoid any FLOSS software as much as possible to get the job done, but will stick with 0$ software options
  • I will use the default software installed and their defaults as much as possible, but I give myself the right to remove some garbage (like Norton and free games)
  • I will _not_ install garbage. In that regard, I may not be like the most average user
  • I will interact with Linux systems and my research will go on. That means still some free software in the form of LaTeX and ssh access and the like. But I will try to use proprietary-like variants of the common open software.
  • I may work a bit on LibreOffice. I can't stop being a member of that foundation :)

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