Monday, September 17, 2012

More Updates on the Proprietary Stunt

Its been more than two weeks...

  • The printing dialog I get has an easy save to PDF option that I enjoy.
  • Still no crashes
  • I had one instance where typing on my external USB keyboard wasn't working well - some keys went through, but others didn't. I fixed that by unplugging it and plugging it back in.
  • There is a high memory usage and some trashing -grr.
  • Installing the Sametime client - 275 megs! For a chat client!!! I can probably have a minimalist live CD of Linux that has a whole GUI, etc. for that much.
  • I am having an horrible time for my research. Somehow, getting Soot to build in the git bash I have requires a Turing Award - and my brain will never be big enough to get one
  • Copying a big batch of files from my college system doesn't work so well - so rsync to the rescue. But  that is tied with the next problem
  • I can't get a good caching of my SSH keys. It sorta works for git, but other SSH operations just don't work with the agent or something.
  • The HP scanner software doesn't keep the cropping from one page to the other. And it scans in color by default, and then tosses out the color data, making the scan slower. Pretty lame actually. Simple Scan does that better.

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