Friday, August 3, 2012

Misteur Vallaire

After some weeks listening to it, I finally decided: its a keeper.

Misteur Vallaire is a rising band from the province of Quebec and their music is... something else.

They have 3 CDs on the net that you can sample as you wish, with a pay-as-you-want scheme. You have to give them extra credit for "getting it".

But that doesn't matter if the music isn't good, right?

Overall, some of the electronic beats really stick and I recommend listening to the last two studio albums. Their first album is way too weird for me. But you have to be on your guard for weird things here and there. So you can't "just listen" to an album, but a tailored playlist is in order.

My favorite songs (Ave Mucho, November Number 3) are in the Golden Bombay album, in collaboration with other artists. I also like Gordon Bombay from the middle until the end.

As a sidenote, it is the one that has the least weird things in it. They've got some real potential and deserve to stay in your playlist and your radar.

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