Thursday, May 10, 2012

Radical New Music

If you know me, you know that I like "old" music, especially the Baroque kind.

I don't often find much interest in contemporary musicians. I guess that one factor is that I see them performing the same songs in the same way, so it can be hard to notice.

Then a friend sent me a link about a video of The Piano Guys and I was blown away by the celloist. I listened to their music and I became an instant fan.

I think that the piece that really highlights my fascination is this one.

I have no deep knowledge of music, mind you, but I am not ignoramus either. I saw someone play the cello like I never saw it played before. It was not only enjoyable to listen to, but even addictive. Steven Sharp Nelson is bringing his instrument to a whole new level and may even spark a new wave of innovative sounds coming from instruments we would have never expected.

If you happen to know more sound like this, please please please give me the links.

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