Friday, April 6, 2012

Linux Mint Cinnamon FAIL

In my never-ending quest for the perfect Linux desktop, I tried Mint LXDE, which had some serious keyboard shortcut shortcomings, and Mint Cinnamon, which has serious GUI bugs.

At first, Cinnamon looked like the right thing for me. The start button does its magic, it is responsive, and all the key bindings that I am expecting are there. Problem solved no?

Well, not really. There were a lot of times that the screen contents got garbled, or I saw black squares, when a lot of I/O was happening. And I recently had the whole desktop environment dying on me, but with the windows still there. It was weeeeeeeeeeird.

Anyways, this is really not ready for prime time yet. I switched to the MGSE desktop, an improved version of the default Gnome 3 shell, and I like it so far. It does take a whole lot more memory, of course, which makes it a no-no for my friends' older systems, but may be good enough for me for a while.