Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to NOT Ask for Help in Open Source

Here is a slightly edited extract of the IRC chat I saw today. WARNING: coarse language ahead.

In case you don't want to read the whole thing:
  1. User barges in the dev channel and asks for a full-blown feature to be implemented
  2. User does not listen to the devs who give some information to answer the question
  3. User mocks devs who exchange some thoughts related to the implementation of the feature
  4. User complains that the devs who are trying to help are wasting his time, when in fact he is wasting theirs.
  5. User ignores the polite request to calm down
  6. User gets kicked by a senior dev
  1. Being humble really helps
  2. Listening to the answers to your question is really simple and helps a lot
  3. Insulting people isn't helping
  4. Not everything in software can be done easily

(05:17:24 PM) Kicksyourballs: So how can I hack open office to remove the stopping of me embedding my fonts in my documents?
(05:18:19 PM) thorsten: Kicksyourballs: no idea 'bout OOo, but for LibO:
(05:18:42 PM) Kicksyourballs: So how can I hack open office to remove the stopping of me embedding my fonts in my documents? - does any one know HOW to do do it?
(05:19:48 PM) Kicksyourballs: Yeah I have been fighting this fight big time for a long time - I am only intereseted in a solution, or doing what ever it takes to achieve that result.
(05:20:17 PM) thorsten: Kicksyourballs: sounds good - so best not waste time in discussion, but get some code rolled to support it -
(05:21:32 PM) Kicksyourballs: a) I CAN code - and if I apply myself to learning how to do it, I can and will but I'd rather speed the process up by simply finding the part of the coding that says "NO FONT EMBEDDING" and remove / edit / alter it
(05:22:00 PM) Kicksyourballs: And then publically announce the hack.
(05:22:07 PM) thorsten: Kicksyourballs: wrong assumption. it's simply missing - and needs extra code to handle it, at a bunch of places ...
(05:22:40 PM) frob_tea: Kicksyourballs: could you also look for "NO MAKING EVERYTHING GREAT BUTTON" and remove it?
(05:23:26 PM) Kicksyourballs: Yeah well - this info is not exactly publically advertised - "OK so you think us stopping you from embedding your own fonts in your own work sucks - here's how"
(05:23:56 PM) tml_: thorsten: and leaving out half of the glyphs, it would no longer be immoral to embed (if the creator of the font doesn't want you to embed it) ?
(05:24:32 PM) thorsten: tml_: no moral judgement at all involved - it's simply considered permissible by case law it seems
(05:24:43 PM) thorsten: fair use, yadda yadda
(05:25:08 PM) Kicksyourballs: I am am not intertested in arguing the issue, or the pro's and con's or debating it - I want to embed my own fonts in my own documents - and this is how it is going to be:
(05:25:10 PM) tml_: don't some font formats have information in them what one is allowed to do with the font?
(05:25:16 PM) thorsten: tml_: yes
(05:26:03 PM) tml_: Kicksyourballs: screaming "Fuck Ubuntu" doesn't exactly improve your credibility, make us think "this guy must be a good coder"
(05:26:06 PM) thorsten: tml_: still, subsetting is considered acceptable - that's what's used in pdf exports all across the globe, and also MSO ...
(05:26:10 PM) Kicksyourballs: Do the people here expressing opinions actually know how to do it? If you do, share it - if not - don't waste my time.
(05:26:27 PM) tml_: Kicksyourballs: no we don't, we are just kicking your nuts
(05:26:28 PM) frob_tea: Kicksyourballs: it was already shared
(05:26:46 PM) frob_tea: Kicksyourballs: calm down
(05:27:12 PM) Kicksyourballs: Thorsten - I am not interested in what you think - either you have a solution or you don't. If you do, share it - if you don't don't waste my time.
(05:28:03 PM) tml_: Kicksyourballs: maybe you should join that other OOo -based project instead, they are much more friendly
(05:28:36 PM) Kicksyourballs: So this is where the dick heads hang out...... opinions about everything - solutions to nothing.
(05:28:45 PM) Sweetshark: Kicksyourballs: this is the wrong channel. Unless you have a patch.
(05:29:12 PM) thorsten: Kicksyourballs: starts to get inacceptable - behave, or leave.
(05:29:15 PM) Kicksyourballs: - Sure......
(05:29:29 PM) Kicksyourballs: Dumb Fucks.
(05:29:36 PM) tml_: lol
(05:29:48 PM) ***Sweetshark giggles.
(05:29:49 PM) tml_: "fix my bugs, or! I know where you live!"
(05:30:02 PM) Kicksyourballs: LOL
(05:30:29 PM) frob_tea: tml_ "and which school your kids are going!"
(05:30:57 PM) Kicksyourballs: The low IQ one handed typists are such fun... "Oh well I think this, I think that" - "Do you know how to fix it?" No then fuck off.
(05:31:30 PM) Sweetshark: Kicksyourballs: Why dont you join and explain to them how awesome you find their native linux packages?
(05:31:55 PM) Kicksyourballs: Oh Oh I am a Open Orifice developer... I have opinions to everything and solutions to nothing.... I'll hang out here with my other cool buddies.
(05:32:24 PM) Kicksyourballs left the room (Kicked by dtardon (Kicksyourballs)).
(05:32:30 PM) frob_tea: dtardon: thank you
(05:33:23 PM) tml_: you just have to love Open Source enthusiasts
(05:33:28 PM) Sweetshark: dtardon: now that is dry -- not even talking to the troll once.
(05:34:05 PM) dtardon: Sweetshark, i'm not so good at talking ;)
(05:34:31 PM) Sweetshark: dtardon: but your kicking moves are quite hamdsome ;)


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  2. why fonts are not embedded ? it's really important !!
    I don't really understand tml_ comment: maybe you should join that other OOo -based project instead, they are much more friendly...
    OOo projects are chosen because they are friendly and not useful ????????????????????

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    Thanks Mark - Andr'e - for posting this text on your blog, you have NO idea of what a great job you have done.