Thursday, August 25, 2011

Young Earth Theory

One of my friends told me about Hovind's Theory and I thought I couldn't hear something worse. A chunk of ice from space splitting conveniently enough to cover both the poles? You gotta be kidding me! For extra laughs, have a look at the over-simplifications at the Creation Minute.

Anyways, I did a little searching and found what looks like The Ultimate Resource against foolish Young Earth Theory defenders: How Good Are Those Young-Earth Arguments? by Dave E. Matson.

Now, for my dear brothers and sisters in the faith, I have a little tidbit for you: you can, and you must, believe in evolution.
You can because the Bible doesn't mention a mechanism by which Creation has enabled God's decrees, so it doesn't rule out evolution. And the story of Adam and Even does not have to happen on the 6th day, but more reasonably happens much later, after a chunk of soulless humanity has spread.

And you must believe in evolution because that's the best model put forward by science. Any if one wishes to put aside science, then one must also put aside the benefits of science. So that means turning off that computer, removing those factory-woven garments and hunting for the next meal without a rifle (extra points for doing it with bare hands).

As a sidenote, a better understanding of Genesis is available in a book highly recommended by a (scientist) friend of mine: The Science of God, by Gerald Schroeder.

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