Thursday, August 25, 2011

Monsoon Blues

We had a very weak monsoon rain lately, so it was time for Nature to 'catch up', and it did so insanely this weekend.
One fine morning, at 1AM, some boys rang our bell and told me "Sir, your car is moving".

Looking at the river that replaced my street, I did not venture.

The next morning, it was time for the damage report. Have a look:
Monsoon Vs Car

So, water and mud inside, and some crazy pressure on the suspension/alignment. I got things cleaned up and inspected easily enough, but still!!!

Monsoon is an interesting season. It is when the country gets the water it will run on for the next year. A weak rainfall means that people are going to die of hunger and that prices will go up. Too much rain means floods, and that can be very destructive.

Of course, this creates other disruptions in every life. Electricity will often go down during the rains, and the phone line may take a hit too. Traffic slows down and sometimes stops.
Some people have their houses flooded, and need to spend hours during the night in damage control. This sort of stuff.

If you plan to visit India, avoid this season. Your trip may not be so enjoyable.

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