Thursday, June 16, 2011

O Kébek

Someone commissioned a national anthem for Québec, and they came up with this:

Now, it seems like features like "being able to remember it" was not high on the priority list.
I compared with a few other national anthems, and this one would be the longest I saw (assuming we count out La Marseille's chorus).

Compare with O Canada, which has 10 easy-to-remember lines.
La Marseillaise is roughly 50 lines, counting out the chorus
The Star-Spangled Banner is about 30 lines.

And remember that those anthems are often truncated in practice because no average joe will remember it all.

It is a nice poem, I will give it that. But it doesn't have that oomph of a national anthem.

My guess is that Calixa Lavalée is spinning in his grave a lot this week.

Now, let's listen to a real iconic Québecois songs that will do just fine instead.

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