Friday, May 20, 2011


Magadheera is, in many ways, exactly what one would expect from a South Indian hero movie: it has a cheapo romance, two guys fighting over the same girl, random songs unrelated to the story (even one in Switzerland!), and an absolutely insane level of violence.

The idea is that, 400 years ago, the hero, the villain and the heroine all died tragically and their love could not be. So, they all reincarnate in this life to put an end of this 'unfinished business'.
The only hint the hero has about all this is that he will have sparks flying and flashbacks the moment he touches the heroine.

I could talk for a long time about this movie, but I'll just summarize my comments as follows: please turn brain off for ~3 hours. Why? There is a bunch of historical inconsistencies, a lot of deus ex machina moments, and actors that are both South Indians and North Indians in the same movie. You can tell that the focus on skin fairness is going a bit too far when that happens!

Lets try to have some positive: the fight scenes are epic, the images are stunning, and the bad guy is so evil that you can't help but be happy when he dies.

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