Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kedgaon Retreat

Last weekend, a bunch of us Hyderabadis went in Kedgaon, Maharashtra. We were telling people we were going to Pune, cuz nobody knows about that place (and its in Pune district too!).

The train stopped for 30-45 seconds max at that station, and you could see more than 30 people on 3 train doors trying to get out as quickly as possible. The locals trying to get in the train didn't like us ;)

Calling Kedgaon the middle of nowhere is not a big exageration. They do have something else than fields, but aside from that Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission (and its retreat centre - where we went), there is not much there. That there is a field and cows grazing next to the station's fence add to the feeling.

The retreat itself was nice. I saw some sins in my heart exposed, like selfishness and lack of surrender and trust in God on some domains of my life. We met brothers and sisters from Pune and Kolapur, who were the organizers. There are some amazingly talented disciples there. I'm thinking of those 4 Kolapur sisters who danced and sang beautifully for us.

The life of the founder of that mission is pretty amazing. She was the first to translate the Bible in Marathi, and she is known to be praying in face of every difficulty that came her way, trusting God to take care of it (which apparently happened a lot too!)

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