Saturday, December 25, 2010

Now in Marriedom

It has been more than a month and, seriously, I barely had a break since them.
Getting married is an expensive and stressful project, even if you try to do it on the cheap, and my wedding was no exception.

The week before the wedding, I had a decent amount of overwork trying to make the chaos fall in place. In the end, it is the experienced church administrator who handled everything on that day.

Our wedding day was wonderful, and I have to say that I'll always keep fond memories of it.

Wedding Album

And I must say that things have been hectic after too. I never knew that I needed so many cooking vessels in the house! I really believed that I was living in a wife-ready apartment. Oh boy I was wrong!
My wife has spent a lot of energy reorganizing the place to make it a nice home, travelling great lengths so that we purchased what we needed at the lowest cost and so on.

She is a great blessing. She is full of life and of joy, and she really respects and cares for me. And did I mention that she is feeding me well too? And, even better, she is a spiritual woman who makes sure we pray twice at day together.

I am more joyful now, and you can even catch me humming a tune in the morning. My character is improving too. I feel incredibly blessed. God has made a great miracle in my life and I am truly thankful for it.

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