Saturday, November 13, 2010


In terms of 'classical Hindi movie', Border would be one of the famous ones.

Border is the story of some unit of the Punjab Regiment that were sent to guard the indo-pakistani border in Rajasthan, west of Jaisalmer (see map). Of course, it is in the anticipation of the 1971 war with Pakistan.

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They are assisted by a few jawans of the BSF and their camels and they are stuck in the desert for a few months, fortifying the outpost and trying to find spies and informants.

In short: the BSF rocks... the main BSF jawan is a Rajput who knows the terrain and the local language and it makes a huge difference for a bunch of Punjabis who never saw the desert before.

And then the war breaks out. They are 120 infantry, with some minimal anti-tank weaponry, and there comes a column of tanks and infantry. HQ tells them to retreat, but gives the commander the last call. They decide to stay.
They call for an air strike, but the planes don't fight at night. So they have to hang in there until morning.
The rest is a mix of courage and insanity, with people leaving their covers to assist a fellow soldier and stuff like that. The craziest is when the BSF Jawan is wounded by a tank shell, goes out of the trench with an anti-tank mine all the way to the enemy commander's tank and manages to put that mine under its tracks and make it blow up. I don't know if that's movie or reality, but that's 100% crazy.

It is a pure patriotic movie that aims at inflating national pride and lauding heroes. I do appreciate the song near the end that calls for an end to war. But I can't help being amazed at the fact that the director managed to squeeze in 2 love stories in the middle of a war movie!

Bottom line: if you like war movies, then you'll like that one.

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