Friday, October 8, 2010

All-India Youth and Campus Conference 2010

Contrary that what you may believe, that conference wasn't an All-India conference, but All-South-Asia conference!
We had ~900 single brothers and sisters from a wide age group who gathered south of Chennai. We were divided in 3 groups: campus, youth, and special fellowship. In my case, I was in the special fellowship group, meant for those who are seeking their life partner (or have already found it :) ).

While the other groups were busy playing various games, we were busy helping our brothers and sisters' matchmaking, or, when freed from this role, talking to each other. It was great! I got to know my wife-to-be so much more.

In the morning, I would pray by the beach with a brother. We heard a lot of sermons. One that struck me was challenging us to stop having a 'small living', but to live big for God.

AIYCC 2010

At this point, I will encourage you to look at the pictures I'm linking to. We had a great time in the train too, as you can tell. We were playing cards, making jokes, singing, eating together.

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