Sunday, September 26, 2010

Joyful Human Thunder

Today, there was a special announcement during the church service. In fact, I never heard the congregation get so excited in 2 years.
What was it? The official announcement that I'm getting married to Swapna.
You know, THE Swapna from Hyderabad? The super-spiritual woman who can move mountains, who loves God with all her heart, who works at her ministry hours every day despite a busy schedule, and who has a killer smile that makes me almost blind.
Did I mention I'm getting married? To her? Truly, God does great miracles even in the 21st century!!!

I am still in a state of unbelief. This is too good to be true. I wonder if I'll wake up a day and see that I dreamt the whole thing.

Meeting her family on Thursday was an experience! There must've been 10 people from her side. I went with two couples from the church, and most of the talk happened in Telugu and was handled by them. I only answered some questions to reassure the family that I am, in fact, a good guy and very much committed to be faithful to her. That's pretty easy to reassure them because I am both :)

When asked what I wanted, I told them (in broken Hindi) that I only wanted 3 things: her, their blessing, and their love. I saw an immediate reaction in the family. Its like if, at that moment, they accepted me and agreed that I would make a fine son in law.

So I am in the interesting status of 'engaged-to-be'. Our relationship is official and family-approved, and we're agreed to marry. So why not say 'engaged?' That is because Indian culture warrants an 'engagement function' with the families in order to make the engagement official. Also, because Indian culture warrants a big party whenever something good happens in your life :)
This is in sharp contrast to my culture, where engagement is a surprise a man gives his girlfriend and happens in a private manner.  It then gets communicated to the family in an (one would expect) exuberant form ("Ohmygosh...ohmy...goodness!Mom...ohmygodohmygodohmygod... I'm getting married!!!!")

We're both going to the singles' retreat next week. Our last one (maybe except as chaperones). Its going to be a great time for me, I'm sure. I'm looking forward to meet brothers from all over the country, many whom are my friends. The extra edification will help too. God willing, we'll both deepen our friendship as well and get readier for a new life as one flesh.

Please pray for us and all the preparations. Also, please pray she gets her passport fast!

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