Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Even More Backdated Updates

Update #1: Hampi
I recently went for a short trip to Hampi, Kanartaka.
The place is nice-ish, but that's not a necessary detour for the ruins themselves. But a good guide who would tell you much about the history could make a difference.

Frankly, the logistics to get there are pretty lousy. No direct buses from anywhere, and the buses to get there are the less-than-luxurious kind. There is no government shop either, which helps a lot making sure that tourists don't get ripped off. The Karnataka government has much work to do for raising the profile of this place.

Update #2: studies
I am one IP agreement away of being able to start a PhD in Montreal soonish. God willing, this will unblock soon.

Update #3: Heart Matters
I had asked you to pray the last big update I gave you. Well, the prayers went answered and the relationship busted very quickly. I had asked God to either open the door wide or close it shut. And close it He did. And I am so glad! While on the surface we had stuff in common, it didn't take a lot of digging to realize that we were as incompatible as two people can be.
God had a better plan for me. A plan that He is making into a reality in an astonishing way. I will tell you more very very soon. Please keep on praying.

Update #4: Stability
Things have gotten better lately, as the political agitations have been on-again,off-again thing. And even when there is a bandh, we don't even notice it, or barely do.

Update #5: Work
My project is slated for a major deployment. By major, I really mean MAJOR. Something like I've never done in my career. Many departments to synchronize with, code to keep on writing while this is happening. Suddenly, one of our focus areas is ease of deployment and ease of upgrade.

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