Sunday, October 25, 2009

AR Rahman's Concert

I attended AR Rahman's concert in Hyderabad this Saturday. The attendance was estimated at 50'000. The tickets were costing between 500 Rs and 25'000 Rs. Surprisingly, the higher the price, the more the sections were filled with people.

I felt that the 500Rs section was so empty...

Anyways, the profits will go to the flood victims. In case you didn't know, we had major floods in AP a few weeks ago. My company organized a donation drive about that, and gave about 25'00'000 Rs.

Back on topic, the concert was great. Since most of the songs were from movies he made the music for, it didn't connect as much as the others around me. Still, this composer is great, and the performing artists did a good job. We had fireworks during Jai Ho at the end. And there was this huggggggge screen at the back that was used very creatively during the concert. It gave great ambiance. Money well spent.

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