Thursday, October 29, 2009

Domestic Violence in India

Have a look at "Working women face more domestic violence in India: Study".

The survey was limited to the Bangalore area. It would be interesting to have the same survey done in other parts of the country. I would also like to see the distribution relative to education and socio-economic level. I'm guessing that wealthier and higher-educated couples would be less likely to have domestic violence

Sunday, October 25, 2009

AR Rahman's Concert

I attended AR Rahman's concert in Hyderabad this Saturday. The attendance was estimated at 50'000. The tickets were costing between 500 Rs and 25'000 Rs. Surprisingly, the higher the price, the more the sections were filled with people.

I felt that the 500Rs section was so empty...

Anyways, the profits will go to the flood victims. In case you didn't know, we had major floods in AP a few weeks ago. My company organized a donation drive about that, and gave about 25'00'000 Rs.

Back on topic, the concert was great. Since most of the songs were from movies he made the music for, it didn't connect as much as the others around me. Still, this composer is great, and the performing artists did a good job. We had fireworks during Jai Ho at the end. And there was this huggggggge screen at the back that was used very creatively during the concert. It gave great ambiance. Money well spent.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reverse Brain Drain

It looks like the Indians and the Chinese in the Silicon Valley are returning home, and its because of a mix of personal matters and better opportunities, says a recent survey.
Of course, it doesn't cover the case of Quebecois IT professionals coming to work in India ;)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Trip to Chennai

I went to Chennai and Mahabalipuram this weekend. Just for sightseeing.

I put some pictures online.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A small stockpile of classical music

MusOpen is the start of a repository of open classical music on the Internet. Please note that it still misses a lot of stuff from Wikipedia and the Pandora Records collection.

But still cool! Have a look, learn something new :)

Retreat in Bangalore and Dates

I recently went to a church retreat in Bangalore. It was pretty nice. It gave me some room to think, and I realized that I had been holding back a lot on my commitment to God. So the experience was uplifting.

In parallel to that, I was supposed to have 4 dates. I stayed an extra day and booked a flight for that sake. 2 sisters canceled at the last minute! Of the 2 that are left, I had 2 dates with one and 1 date with the other. I'm not too attracted by any of them, truth be told. But I'll go a second time to Bangalore to give this a final chance.

I had a date prepared in Chennai. She too chickened out. The common problem is that sisters don't want to marry a foreigner. As far as I'm concerned, such racial thinking belongs to the 19th century, and those who engage in it are retards, and it doesn't belong in the church. We are all one in Christ. We are individuals, and not representatives of a given sub-species (or whatever you want to call it). Further, we have to be ready to go anywhere and do anything for God. So how is it acceptable to be afraid of leaving your backyard? Instead of tackling the concerns and insecurities head on and be concerned of matters of character and compatibility, the Indian church is letting this retrograde and immature thinking go unchecked.
A brother was telling me he was denied dates in the US because he's Indian. I see from this that retardation is not constrained to India, but can be anywhere in the world. This is sad, unspiritual, and needs to be weeded out from the church with upmost dedication.

End of rant.
P.S. I now officially have no hope of getting married in India. Miracles can still happen...