Thursday, August 6, 2009

Major Stuff Happening

Ok, lets summarize this

- I've taken the decision to stop attending leader meetings in the church... I am not doing so well spiritually, and it would be hypocritical to keep on pretending like I've been doing for some time now.
- I've had friends coming over from Mumbai and I got to show them around, I finally got to see some of my city! 'Veiled Rebecca' in the Salar Jung Museum is an amazing sculpture!
- I'm getting good feedback on my driving
- My car is majorly scratched, courtesy of the kids in the neighbourhood and of my lousy parking skills (and my lousy parking)
- I am considering yet another scheme to start a PhD... the saga isn't over! Essentially, try to do the research now and be officially registered as a student later.
- I've given my notice to my landlord. I'll be gone on Oct 1st. I've started looking for apartments near the national park, so that I can do jogging in the morning!

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