Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Its that time of the year...

Festival galore in India!
First, we had a Jain festival this week, Paryushan.
Then, its Ramzan, better known as Ramadan. The mosques aren't enough to contain the believers praying in the evening, and I saw some praying in the street next to the mosque yesterday evening.
Oh, and we have Ganesha Chaturthi and there is plenty of temporary Ganesh shrines all over the place, except in my neighbourhood. At least there is ONE advantage in being in a predominately Muslim area ;)

Why I'm not in Grad School

'nuff said

Troubleshooting Flowchart

Simple generic-purpose flowchart on how to get something to work on any computer program, courtesy of XKCD.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Batch of Updates :)

- I went to the Singles' Retreat in Delhi... major waste of time and money. There was some encouragement from the messages, that is true. My search for a life partner was not fruitfult, sadly. I'll post some pics soon.
- Working on a paper that is due at month's end for a conference in Chennai.
- Witnessed two baptisms last Sunday. Amen!!! One new baby brother and one baby sister :)
- Had a rock solid moment of discipling with the leaders and it was great! I've been challenged clearly and they (finally!) told me that I needed to improve some things in my character if I want to get married. Hope is back :)
- My work is progressing slowly but surely. We should reach a milestone this week.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Major Stuff Happening

Ok, lets summarize this

- I've taken the decision to stop attending leader meetings in the church... I am not doing so well spiritually, and it would be hypocritical to keep on pretending like I've been doing for some time now.
- I've had friends coming over from Mumbai and I got to show them around, I finally got to see some of my city! 'Veiled Rebecca' in the Salar Jung Museum is an amazing sculpture!
- I'm getting good feedback on my driving
- My car is majorly scratched, courtesy of the kids in the neighbourhood and of my lousy parking skills (and my lousy parking)
- I am considering yet another scheme to start a PhD... the saga isn't over! Essentially, try to do the research now and be officially registered as a student later.
- I've given my notice to my landlord. I'll be gone on Oct 1st. I've started looking for apartments near the national park, so that I can do jogging in the morning!