Thursday, July 16, 2009

Now Officially a Polluter

I got a car. I did.

Yes, me. The environmentalist. The guy who was recycling every piece of paper.

No, not even with LPG, I wasn't able to afford it.

So I'm polluting to go to work and to come back. And doing errands. And soon for meeting brothers and the like.

I'm a bit ashamed. But there was little way around it. I can't live close to both work and church, the trains suck and the buses are overcrowded. I've dealt with it for 9 months. I've been thinking about it since month 6...

God willing, He'll bring me to another city or country that will have fantastic public transit. And recycling. Maybe I'll be able to atone for my destruction of the world somehow at some point.

I hope.

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