Monday, July 20, 2009

Got a New Car

Yes... you've read it well!

The lousiness of Hyderabad's public transit has finally driven me over the edge. I've gotten a car with some financial assistance, and I'm driving to work now.

You can say that my pragmatism has finally triumphed over my idealism.
As luck would have it... I've gotten it just after the price increase.

At 50 Rs per litre, it makes it easy to do math, but it really hurts the budget. (That's 1 USD or 1.25 CAD, approximatively... can you say heavily taxed?)

I've gotten to the RTO get this thing registered today. I'll soon have my license plate.

The car is a Chevrolet Spark. It claims to have good mileage, but I've yet to see that in reality.

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