Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bravely FOught The Queen

I saw, this Saturday, Mahesh Dattani's "Bravely Fought The Queen", as rendered by D Fir Dramatics.

The troupe was of young actors, and it was a bit special for 20 year olds to be playing characters of married parents. Physical appearance aside, I think that they did a pretty good job.
I said, 'I think', because this show was suffering from bad acoustics... so I would get enough to keep me on my seat, but not enough to really enjoy it.
The actors were not having a powerful voice, and the flawed sound system was supposed to compensate. I think that my bad hearing didn't help either, because the crowd laughed at jokes I didn't hear at all!!!
As for the rest: SPOILER ALERT!
The story is about a cascading effect of sin. The mother was a mistress to a man. She lied and told her 2 sons that he was dead. One of the son is gay. His lover convinced him to marry his sister. And then her sister got married to the other son. One of the sons is violent and beat up is wife when she was pregnant. And the kid is handicapped. One of the wives is a drunkard and one of the husbands gets his employee to pick up a prostitute for him.
In all that, you have this employee and his wife, who end up being witness of all the insanity of the above-mentioned characters.
The storytelling is done properly, as the facts unfold just enough to leave you in the dark, and all fit together at the last minute. It ends up with a drunken wife passed out on a couch and her husband confessing to her his homosexual liaison with her brother. Then, all clicks: she's an alchoolic because her husband doesn't like her at all and she's trying to drink her sorrow. Her sister and her have a bad relationship, because that sister is married to the abusive husband, and it happened only because of her elder sister getting married. They both have created an imaginary lover. And they hate their mother in law because she's really senile and hates them too.
In short, you'll see a lot of the social evils that plague india under the hood, all put in one family! I'm sure I would've enjoyed this play if the actors knew how to project their voice.

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