Monday, May 4, 2009

Long Weekend

We had a long weekend, since Friday was worker's day.

I went with brothers to the Osman Sagar lake.

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They had a swim in it, but I abstained. I was afraid my skin would turn green. The place is very quiet, very peaceful. We have almost no engine noises, breeze, and birds chirping.
I had quite the sunburn though, even though I creamed myself with SPF 50 sun lotion. Oh well.
On Saturday, I played Warcraft III. I bought it for 50 Rs at a charity sale of the expat's club!!! And I hunted for Eucalyptus lotion to soothe my painful skin.
On Sunday, after church, I went with my friend and did some computer fixing for him. Then I took the time to learn how to drive a scooter in a safe environment. I've managed OK, but its far from being skilled enough to go to work. Its a start though.

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