Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The joy of simple things

This weekend, I got fed up of waiting for my fridge to be fixed. The repairman "fixed" it, but it wasn't working.
I had the wisdom of asking a brother to try it out, so that I don't have to pay a fortune each time.

So, I'm in super-hot summer, no fridge, and the big bottle of water is empty.

First, I got a fridge on Sunday. That was easy... go to 2-3 shops, get the prices, then send brothers to bargain the price for me. Then, I get it delivered, plug it in and its working!
The store that sells the water didn't deliver the day before. I called and they don't have anyone to deliver. I went back and got my deposit back. I moved to the other store that sells that... to find it closed! I roamed around my neighbourhood... but noone else sells that. Call a brother again, and he got me some water. Its a short-term fix though...
But still... I put the water in the fridge, went to do some groceries, and I had the PLEASURE of taking a cold glass of water. I was giddy drinking water!!!
Then the brothers came and we started watching a DVD together while eating food.
All in all, a lot of simple things gave me joy last Sunday!

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