Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ubuntu for Windows Power Users

A nice article for new converts to Linux on Tom's Hardware

Saturday, May 23, 2009

PhD Comics

I started reading those... and I really love them!
Piled Higher & Deeper

Here are some good ones:
Grad student productivity curve
and motivation curve
Mapping of the years of work vs the thesis content
Comic Chart jokes

Dr. is informal
Grad Seminar Bingo
Life Plan vs Reality
Geek, Nerd, Dork
Deciphering Academese

The author list
The economic meltdown
Darwin remixed

And, best of all, the Matrix version of grad school

Kubuntu 9.04

I finally go around to install the latest Kubuntu on my new laptop. Finally, my 64-bit hardware is going to be used to its full potential!!!

But what a pain it has been. The audio didn't work 100% out of the box, meaning that it would work in Amarok, but not with flash and VLC. I finally got it to work, but then the microphone didn't work... turns out that I needed to jack up the alsa mixer settings.

Here are the links to the solutions, just in case it helps you :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Power Failure

On Tuesday, as we were about to leave the ministry gathering to share our faith with the people, a storm started and knocked the power. We could not go out, so we lighted a few candles and played some games until it stopped.

The cut was spread to many parts of the city. Going home in the dark isn't fun, and I'm reaching home and I'm baking in the heat... only that small hand fan saved me from cooking on the spot!

I asked a brother, and he told me that it was happening nearly every day during monsoon. Oh, and did I mention the streets were flooded?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The joy of simple things

This weekend, I got fed up of waiting for my fridge to be fixed. The repairman "fixed" it, but it wasn't working.
I had the wisdom of asking a brother to try it out, so that I don't have to pay a fortune each time.

So, I'm in super-hot summer, no fridge, and the big bottle of water is empty.

First, I got a fridge on Sunday. That was easy... go to 2-3 shops, get the prices, then send brothers to bargain the price for me. Then, I get it delivered, plug it in and its working!
The store that sells the water didn't deliver the day before. I called and they don't have anyone to deliver. I went back and got my deposit back. I moved to the other store that sells that... to find it closed! I roamed around my neighbourhood... but noone else sells that. Call a brother again, and he got me some water. Its a short-term fix though...
But still... I put the water in the fridge, went to do some groceries, and I had the PLEASURE of taking a cold glass of water. I was giddy drinking water!!!
Then the brothers came and we started watching a DVD together while eating food.
All in all, a lot of simple things gave me joy last Sunday!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Long Weekend

We had a long weekend, since Friday was worker's day.

I went with brothers to the Osman Sagar lake.

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They had a swim in it, but I abstained. I was afraid my skin would turn green. The place is very quiet, very peaceful. We have almost no engine noises, breeze, and birds chirping.
I had quite the sunburn though, even though I creamed myself with SPF 50 sun lotion. Oh well.
On Saturday, I played Warcraft III. I bought it for 50 Rs at a charity sale of the expat's club!!! And I hunted for Eucalyptus lotion to soothe my painful skin.
On Sunday, after church, I went with my friend and did some computer fixing for him. Then I took the time to learn how to drive a scooter in a safe environment. I've managed OK, but its far from being skilled enough to go to work. Its a start though.