Thursday, March 26, 2009

Birthday Stuff

It was my birthday this week, and I had a few celebrations.

- With the single brothers at church, we had biryani. They said a lot about how they were touched by my humility... I hug everyone the same in the church, and I'm very approachable.
- With my coworkers, we went for South Indian Thali. That was nice, and not too boring.
- With other friends, I had a party at my house. A friend of mine took a lot of time to plan it, and it was beautifully decorated. Sadly, a few people who said they would come didn't, so it was a small party.

I had a few gifts, some nice, some were ???. I had one nice workout polo shirt, and some glasses, for instance.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What Have I Been Up To?

Its been a few weeks. Nothing happened? Think again.

On the first Friday of the month, we had a 'prayer night' with the brothers. Two came and we must've prayed a big... 45 minutes :(
My fridge is dead for a month now. The compressor needs to be replaced. That's half of the price I paid for it. The guy I bought it from doesn't come, and I'm not feeling like clearing time in my schedule for waiting for his (potential) visit. So I'll get it fixed when I'm out of town by delegating it.
Gotta love Hyderabad! In Mumbai, this thing would've been fixed in 2-4 days.
I was sick with food poisoning for most of last week. I had to hide in the doctor's room and sleep on the bed there sometimes. I was barely able to work even.
I have been hanging out with the expats a little bit, and with some other trainees some. One friend was surprised to see me in a pub. And he was even more surprised to see me resist his repeated offers for free beer. In 5 years of Christianity, I've gotten some resistance against peer pressure :)
My weekends are busy with social activities, doing whatever needs to be done, and church. Lately, I started giving a class about the early church. It feels great to be involved in teaching again!
There was a book sale at work. I bought a Stephen Hawkins book as well as Anne Frank's diary. Its an entertaining read, seriously! And I didn't know what kind of challenges the Europeans were suffering during WW2.

Fighting for Jobs in the Current Economy

Very good and very short commentary by Jonathan Browning