Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Other Misc Updates

I have gotten my driver's license. Legally, and no bribes too. The process was really painless, I must say, and nearly quick. Yup.
Don't get excited though...

I've gotten failed 3 times last Sunday. The plumber didn't come. The repair person didn't come. My friend didn't show up when we were supposed to go see a movie together.
And I didn't even get to see the movie!

So, I have a fridge that is not keeping things cold, a pipe from which nauseous gases come out, and a boring Sunday that was supposed to be packed and productive.

And I've been trying to get a stabilizer for said fridge, only to have the shop selling it in the neighbourhood not be open when I needed it.

Oh, and I'm getting a new doctor (again!) for one constant problem I've been trying to get healing on. Its the 3rd in 3 months, litterally. Lets hope that '3 is a charm' is gonna work for me.

And things have not been working out too well for me with my scheme to stay late at night during the week.

I'm in Hyderabad, without a vehicle. That means that stores don't stay open super late, doctors don't work late (nor early, for the most part) and people won't be available either. And I can't order stuff on the Internet either for all my needs. And distances are farther than in Montreal. Suffice to say that a Montreal-like strategy isn't working.
Personal things don't get done well, so I'll need to switch to a more classical 9-6 and stick to it. I'm not so happy about that (less freedom, more stuff to do on weekends instead of having a social life), but it would make more sense for me and would make me more useful as a servant of God.
That also means more discipline, and having super-productive netcafe sessions when I get everything email-related done in one shot (despite the slowness of the connection). Can't think of a better approach.
At least I'm trying to optimize...

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