Monday, February 2, 2009

Food Poisoning and Other Non-Fun

Oh well, life happens.

I was sick most of the night from Saturday to Sunday thanks to food poisoning. Things are back to normal now.

I went to the Transport Bhavan to get an Indian driver's license, but I'll have to come back. That day they just weren't doing the licenses, and I needed some documents in original too. Anyway, it is cheapter than to get a new license in Canada, so might as well do it.

My DVD drive in my laptop is broken. Replacing it is 8000 Rs, half of what a new system would cost me. Do I endure things as they are, with the workaround of an external drive? Do I buy a new laptop? Or a new desktop? Do I put the 'net in my house?
So many questions I'd rather not have to consider.

On the + side, I've gathered enough information to take insurance, and I've learnt enough about investing in India to feel confident to start soon enough. Lots of savings are required: travels, marriage, retirement...

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