Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cycling Around Hyderabad

Yup, you read it well.

This weekend, I purchased a bicycle. I'm using it to go to the train station and back. Its a 10-15 minutes trip. Not bad, considering that this is as much time as you'd spend waiting for the bus to come AT BEST. And its roughly the cost of 200 Rickshaw rides, about 10 months' worth of rickshaws (unidirectional) rides. So it'll have paid itself off by year's end, and then its free :)

Other than that?
Life is OK. I'm doing a bit less well than before though. I feel irritated and stressful more often. Its more challenging to be spiritual, and I feel ravenously hungry all the time. I guess I need to double-check the side effects of that pill I got prescribed lately...

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