Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Update on the Singles' Ministry

As you all know, I'm a normal brother who's trying to do what he can to help my fellow brothers and sisters to go to Heaven.

Since I can't speak to a sister, even less encourage her, that means that the single brothers are my focus right now.

And things are unfolding nicely.
I have friendships with a few of the brothers, and they are opening up to me.
I invited them to come over last Saturday evening for half-night of prayer, then breakfast and prayer in the morning. It was great! I really felt that a lot of the heart-wrenching decisions I took were paying off that night.
We had prayers in English, Telugu, Hindi and French. How's that for variety?
I have to get some more serious discipling going though. Prayerfully, the Spirit will guide me. So much things need to be done, so many battles to fight, souls to win, and I feel I would need to do 10x what I'm doing now to make even a dent in the backlog. Prayers welcomed.
I discussed with the evangelist, and I will take some brothers along with me to do a study of the Holy Spirit. I needed to do it for myself, and it would enrich the congregation if some folks have a stronger understanding.

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