Wednesday, November 5, 2008

3 weeks down the road in India

I'm STILL in transition phase, believe it or not. I should move in to my new apartment soonish, making it a full month of transition.

The good thing: that is making me close to brothers and I'm already having better bonds than in 6 months in Mumbai. That gives you an idea.

Here are the not-so-great things going on, and misc. other things on my mind.

I'm OK. I'm surviving 100% thanks to the church's generosity, since my company has a payroll management that needs a major upgrade.
I should move in my new apartment in a few days. There are a lot of crawling things, and fungus in the water tanks. Once those are thoroughly cleaned (I feel like using the word "sterilized", but I won't go there), I can move in.
That place has running water, but its bore water. City water, that is supposedly treated yet undrinkable has to be carried by hand by the servants who live in the basement of the building. That gives you an idea...
I think you'll agree with me that bottled water is the way to go.
I'm going to Bangalore this weekend. I'll have a date with a sister.
Someone there had the idea of matching us. We'll see how it goes. I already spoke to her on the phone and email, and we definitely get along fine on the conversation side. We'll see how good friends we can be.
I'm considering whether to start a PhD or not... I'm doing a research job right now, so I could be doing this while I'm at it. But the problem is that it forces me to be anchored at a given place for 3+ years.
I'm going through a lot of struggles inside... between selfishness and my career+personal goals vs. what I see that I should do for my brothers and sisters. I'm not sure they are opposites, but I'm not sure how they can be reconciled either.
You can keep me in your prayers, that'd be great!

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