Saturday, October 11, 2008

About to return to India

I'm typing this from the the Montreal Airport. I had 3 hours between my flight from Québec to my flight to Frankfurt.

Its a time to summarize what happened in the last 2 months...

Well, they were long.
I had to deal with absorption process stuff. The whole thing was badly documented, and I spent hours in my archives, pulling out documents, making scans, making copies and asking my parents to do the same. Then there was requesting them.
Then the visa, then the follow-ups to the Consulate of uber-slowness.
Then problems getting the ticket back to Hyderabad.
That took time, annoyed me, but still.
I had time to do plenty of stuff.
And I didn't do that much.
Reverse culture shock, and too much pride to really ask for help. That's what really happened. I felt a bit depressed, essentially like not doing anything. It took me a month to pull out of it. I had to get to Montreal, away from my parents' home, just to get the spiritual and social environment I needed.
I was involved in a few Bible studies, but nothing major on the evangelism front.
Weak quiet times, weak faith, weak prayer life, stress, doubt.
But its all behind me. The page is turning, and will be finished turning when I step foot in Hyderabad.
I had some good times... visited some sights, had food at Schwartz's in Montreal, at the Parlementaire, the Laurie et Raphael and the Cochon Dingue in Québec.
I had two nice farewell parties with disciples and friends and I reconnected with many people I knew.
I'm glad of it. And I'm stopping to criticize myself for not doing the most out of it. I learned my lesson, and I'll do a better job at expressing my needs and making them fulfilled in the future. There's plenty ahead of me, and I'm leaving much behind.
I like the idea of a new start, and that is one coming.
I'm sad of leaving my homeland, unsure if I will ever be there again. I'll miss the colours, the family, the friends, the food.
But I'm excited with what is ahead. Research, (possibly) dating, and lots of teaching, meeting needs, loving people.
So I press on.


Sholay is a classical bollywood movie. Songs, heroes killing the bad guys, da thing!

If you only see one bollywood movie, this might be one you could consider...

Ce qu'il faut pour vivre

Ce qu'il faut pour vivre is a very interesting movie. An Inuit man is brought to Québec for healing tuberulosis. Along the way, we get to learn a lot about Inuit lore and culture, and we see his challenges in adapting to his environment. I really reccomend.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Now a homemaker, kinda

I've been in Montreal for some time now. I'm being hosted by some brothers and... well... lets just say that they need to be taught cleanliness by example.

Which is what I did. The kitchen is a battlezone, and I won a few bouts here and there. I'm making even full victories against the stack of dirty dishes and pans.

But they fight back very hard!

Enough parables... I had to do a lot of little follow-ups that kept me more or less at home, with little to do otherwise. What a boring lifestyle.
I won't demand my wife to ditch her job to be cleaning and cooking!