Friday, September 26, 2008

La face cachée de la lune

La face cachée de la lune is a Robert Lepage movie. Do I really need to say anything else?

No action scenes, the whole movie is based on two roles played by Lepage himself. Its an enjoyable movie, and you'll learn nice things about the Russian space program. But it is... well... kind of purposeless. I didn't feel anything prompting to action or reflection.
Weaved in this, there is a commentary about our culture that has some value.

On the plus side, the acting and directing is great, and the scene changes are superbly done. There is no real stop in the movie in that sense.

I relate a bit with the main character. He's an intellectual who's getting pressure to ditch his (unwelcomed) theory, and to go for a more materialistic lifestyle. But he sees that as wrong and pointless. There is an interesting scene with a bit of a debate on the nature of the space program: narcissism or self-discovery?
I personally think that you have a mix of pride and of inherent curiosity in there :)

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