Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dépouillement - Dispossession

I am loosing or about to loose a lot of "me", or symbols.

All my furniture was packed and brougth back to my parent's home. They'll sell it. If they can't, they'll donate it away. I won't have much left back in my home land.

I lost my engineer's ring. I slaved 5 years for that. They don't have me in their database, and the certificate should be in India.

I have to return my medicare card before leaving to India. I was so proud of that... that little card that could just give me all the health coverage that I needed. My Indian colleagues were almost jealous

Things are a bit emotional for me. I feel that I have lost a lot of links to my motherland.
I was born there, I lived there, I studied there, and I'm not going to be seen as being from there.
Neither Québécois, nor Indian. Somewhere along the cracks...
I might never live again in Québec, although I certainly hope so.

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