Monday, September 29, 2008

Le Confessionnal

Le Confessionnal is another Robert Lepage movie. It won many awards and it deserves them.

Actually, its a bit boring, but the tale is so twisted and the directing is pretty well done that it deserves the attention. There some dirty stuff in there: a gay sauna scene, conversations in a strip club, adultery, stuff like that. It will tell you a few interesting things about 50's Québec though. And it makes me feel like watching some Hitchcock too :)

Un 32 août sur terre

Un 32 août sur terre is a weird story. A model has a car accident, drops her job, and asks an old friend who has a crush on her to make her pregnant. He wants to say yes and no... so he says yes but it must happen in the desert.

Being the crazy girl she is, she books a flight to Salt Lake City the same day and the story continues.

It tells you a lot about Québec society that this movie was made... The guy lives with his girlfriend, but they've been together for 4 months only, complicated men-women relationship, the desire to have children at all costs, impulsiveness.
Warning: although nothing really happens in the movie, its not brother-friendly either.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Adopting a Country - Embracing Canada

Radio Canada International has made this interesting series about moving from Canada to India. I'm very much behind, but it looks very interesting.

En français
In English

Friday, September 26, 2008


Nuremberg has a few Québec actors in it, and its a good tale of everything about the trial of the century, with some learning about WW2 war crimes.

It lasts 3 hours, and if you like courtroom drama, then you'll have your fill.

La face cachée de la lune

La face cachée de la lune is a Robert Lepage movie. Do I really need to say anything else?

No action scenes, the whole movie is based on two roles played by Lepage himself. Its an enjoyable movie, and you'll learn nice things about the Russian space program. But it is... well... kind of purposeless. I didn't feel anything prompting to action or reflection.
Weaved in this, there is a commentary about our culture that has some value.

On the plus side, the acting and directing is great, and the scene changes are superbly done. There is no real stop in the movie in that sense.

I relate a bit with the main character. He's an intellectual who's getting pressure to ditch his (unwelcomed) theory, and to go for a more materialistic lifestyle. But he sees that as wrong and pointless. There is an interesting scene with a bit of a debate on the nature of the space program: narcissism or self-discovery?
I personally think that you have a mix of pride and of inherent curiosity in there :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dépouillement - Dispossession

I am loosing or about to loose a lot of "me", or symbols.

All my furniture was packed and brougth back to my parent's home. They'll sell it. If they can't, they'll donate it away. I won't have much left back in my home land.

I lost my engineer's ring. I slaved 5 years for that. They don't have me in their database, and the certificate should be in India.

I have to return my medicare card before leaving to India. I was so proud of that... that little card that could just give me all the health coverage that I needed. My Indian colleagues were almost jealous

Things are a bit emotional for me. I feel that I have lost a lot of links to my motherland.
I was born there, I lived there, I studied there, and I'm not going to be seen as being from there.
Neither Québécois, nor Indian. Somewhere along the cracks...
I might never live again in Québec, although I certainly hope so.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Some Great Québec Art

The federal government decided to cut on the cultural subsidies, and that means hitting Québec culture directly. The artists are fighting back:

Also, for your enjoyment, something that Mes Aieux displayed at Céline Dion's show in Québec:

Monday, September 8, 2008

What I've been up to

Ok, so long time since I updated this blog..

1) Spent time with my family
2) Went to Toronto
3) Went to Montreal
4) Went back in Québec City for a few days

And here are some eye candy pictures of the best part of the world

I had some vacation moments with my family in my native area, Québec. I had the chance to do a few bicycle rides here and there.
Early August was pretty cold around here, with the temperature barely reaching 20 degrees centigrade. I saw a few movies, Bollywood or otherwise, had great food, listened to their stories, etc. It was neat.
The temperature got warmer when I reached Montréal, but then it was in the 30+ range... added to the fact that I was sleeping in a flat with bad circulation, and I was cooking.
I went to Toronto because a sister was having her farewell party before going back to Hong Kong. She's a good friend of mine for many years, so I really had to go. It was fun to spend some time with old friend there.
In Montreal, I took care of plenty of paperwork and tried to evangelize a bit. Going to India is paiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinful.
Finally, I was back to Québec with my family again. I love them, but its not great for me spiritually. Lots of boredom, far from disciples... I decided that I had to go back to Montreal

More Anti-Christian Violence in Orissa

Yay, that state is not that far from where I'll go :(

Patil assures all help for riot-hit Orissa