Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Missing the Great Things of Québec

The last days' events have made me missing my home sweet home, the best part of the world, namely Québec.

Terrorist blasts in Ahmedabad and Bangalore: great safety we have in Québec
Hospitals, medicines, my wallet emptying at a dizzying rate: medicare
Cycle-rickshaws: our overall high level of living, our good public transit infrastructure in major cities.
Doing anything with disciples: the easy-going, associative and egalitarian culture of Québec
Forgetting my Bible in Hyderabad: the fact that every hotel has one in every room
Taxi-wallas: that people are generally more honest
Overfull Buses: the under-population that gives us plenty of space
Guesthouse employees sleeping on a cot in the living room: minimum wage
Crawling slow Internet: cheap broadband that goes beyond 1mbps
Internet that just stops: high reliability of the telecommunications infrastructure.

4 more days 'til I'm home. Just 4 days. I can tell you, I'm kissing the ground when I reach there.

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