Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bahut Yatra

Bahut = lots
Yatra = travel

That's why I didn't update the blog... I've been Internet-deprived for too long, with too tight schedule to really go to a cyber-cafe.

I went to Delhi and Agra, then to Hyderabad, and now I'm in Kolkata for some work. I'm helping another team who's dealing with a technology I'm roughly familiar with.

Edited to add:
You can see the pictures of Delhi and Agra here:
Delhi + Agra

I'm sick, I have no energy, and I'm not enjoying this last part of my stay in India.
I spent 3 hours in an hospital today to be told to come back the next day for a blood test. With no feed in between. X-Rays to be ready the next day. Oh, and I have to find a way to see this doctor again.

Grrrrrrr. I miss Hiranandani Hospital.

I'll put photos online the moment I get my laptop on the internet. That's probably in early August...

Otherwise, things are interesting. The TCS Guesthouse is fantastic, as usual. Too bad I don't have a computer to browse the web with. The way to get there is using a cycle-rickshaw, which is one of the least comfortable transportation you can find, and one of the most useless ones as well, as the speed isn't very amazing. I wish I had anything else to say about Kolkata...

I'm flying to Quebec City on the 2nd and I'm looking forward to it, especially in my current situation.

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