Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Missing the Great Things of Québec

The last days' events have made me missing my home sweet home, the best part of the world, namely Québec.

Terrorist blasts in Ahmedabad and Bangalore: great safety we have in Québec
Hospitals, medicines, my wallet emptying at a dizzying rate: medicare
Cycle-rickshaws: our overall high level of living, our good public transit infrastructure in major cities.
Doing anything with disciples: the easy-going, associative and egalitarian culture of Québec
Forgetting my Bible in Hyderabad: the fact that every hotel has one in every room
Taxi-wallas: that people are generally more honest
Overfull Buses: the under-population that gives us plenty of space
Guesthouse employees sleeping on a cot in the living room: minimum wage
Crawling slow Internet: cheap broadband that goes beyond 1mbps
Internet that just stops: high reliability of the telecommunications infrastructure.

4 more days 'til I'm home. Just 4 days. I can tell you, I'm kissing the ground when I reach there.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bahut Yatra

Bahut = lots
Yatra = travel

That's why I didn't update the blog... I've been Internet-deprived for too long, with too tight schedule to really go to a cyber-cafe.

I went to Delhi and Agra, then to Hyderabad, and now I'm in Kolkata for some work. I'm helping another team who's dealing with a technology I'm roughly familiar with.

Edited to add:
You can see the pictures of Delhi and Agra here:
Delhi + Agra

I'm sick, I have no energy, and I'm not enjoying this last part of my stay in India.
I spent 3 hours in an hospital today to be told to come back the next day for a blood test. With no feed in between. X-Rays to be ready the next day. Oh, and I have to find a way to see this doctor again.

Grrrrrrr. I miss Hiranandani Hospital.

I'll put photos online the moment I get my laptop on the internet. That's probably in early August...

Otherwise, things are interesting. The TCS Guesthouse is fantastic, as usual. Too bad I don't have a computer to browse the web with. The way to get there is using a cycle-rickshaw, which is one of the least comfortable transportation you can find, and one of the most useless ones as well, as the speed isn't very amazing. I wish I had anything else to say about Kolkata...

I'm flying to Quebec City on the 2nd and I'm looking forward to it, especially in my current situation.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Final Day in my Project

Lately has been a lot of work... many unexpected delays in producing the release, training the new guy, more delays, more stuff to do on the release, you get the point.

Today I uploaded the last release on the client's servers. It is done. My baby. 7 months of work. Considering I've been in this account for 9 months, then its pretty much a full pregnancy here!

Anxiety, stress, laughs, joys, you name it.
I feel like crying. I don't know why. I should be just happy to have this done and move on, but its something else happening. I don't understand. That's the beauty of emotions.

As a sidenote, I had a good time with many friends last weekend, cooked plenty, etc.
I have to say, a curry-maple chicken with maple fruit salad is the killer!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

9 NIV Translation Issues

I have stumbled on a nice gem on Douglas Jacoby's website...
NIV errors show 9 problems with NIV translations, and how they can be misread and misinterpreted.
Let everyone beware!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bonne Fète Québec!!!

Québec is now 400 years old! I'm feeling so much pride and joy. Homesickness is a much more powerful disease than I previously expected!!!