Thursday, June 26, 2008

The OpenMoko Cellphone is Out

This is pretty neat... the world's first open source cellphone is finally released to the public.

The site is suffering from the slashdotting right now, but when that is done, please go to OpenMoko.

Its a 400$ cellphone that has open hardware specifications, an open source software stack, and pretty neat features... Think about it... even wi-fi!
We'll have to wait and see what's the cost going to be like in India. If my offer letter is good, I might, might might have enough money for one. Am I being vain and materialistic?
Maybe... but my main desire is to support that initiative. The Open Source concept is rocking the world for the better but it isn't sheltered from economic realities...
I want to see this thing sold out, and teach a lesson to the industry: give us the phones we users want, not those that the suits at Rogers, Bell, AT&T, etc. want.

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