Sunday, May 4, 2008

Singles' Retreat

Last weekend, we were 60 km away from Lonavla, in way-out-there rural Maharashtra. How much so? The signs and licence plates were all in Marathi. It took a few hours before reaching the closest town and we saw a grand total of 10 (max) factories between said town and our destination, the rest being farmland or villages.

That's something in itself!

Here are pictures and timelines:

Our bus kept on having problems climbing those hills, and the road did not leave you much chance to rest. We got stuck for more than one hour after the bus got a wheel in a ditch. We got stuck in Sion (east of Mumbai) because it ran out of fuel... that was fun.
Somehow, I managed to stay peaceful in all that, a big deal!

The preaches were of some inspiration, and it helped me realize a bit more what was happening inside. I took some decisions and I'm praying about them.

Notably: no double mindedness between "disciple" and "workaholic IT pro" and prayer to be God-reliant.

Since then, I've been trying harder to call my brothers, stay in touch with people, but its still a challenge.

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