Sunday, April 20, 2008

What's Been Up

Ok, let me try to summarize this... I didn't get much time to blog lately

1) Work-wise, we finished the dev phase of another sprint, and we are in the testing phase trying to wrap up documentation, fix bug, etc.
2) I did a few things outside of work: I went to a friends' wedding in Hyderabad, and I went to a friend's office picnic, which really took a full day and then some. That added up to 3 nights with little sleep...
3) I'm re-establishing the practice of positive reinforcing every day, on top of my normal prayer habits. I can't give up an inch in my fight with Satan. Its a mind-game, and the moment I start believing that things are horribly sucky, I loose focus and stop relying on God. Its a tough battle and I'm not always successful, but its a work in progress.

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