Sunday, April 20, 2008

Global Famine and Bio-Fuels

Living in India removes a good bit of the North American bubble.

The fact remains that I am "rich", meaning that I'm not struggling for survival, in a country were people are giving up on that. A good reason is the food prices jumping lately, and India has been hit hard.

Here is a good article in French, and how bio-fuels are messing up the global food situation. I'm glad that I switched to mostly-veg a year back (if not more). I did it for health reasons, but what food we eat pretty much becomes a moral decision now.

If you want something along the same lines in English, but with a focus on bio-fuels, the Seattle Times is there for you.

And it is creating a political mess too!

Edited to add: Le Soleil has a great cartoon about this

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