Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekend in Lonavla

There is a resorty town called Lonavla/Lonavala/Lonawala/Lonawla etc. that is somewhere between Mumbai and Pune. It is the home of an important Tata Power hydro dam and I got the chance to spend the weekend there.

The train from Mumbai passes there a few times a day, and I arrived early Saturday morning with some brothers and sisters of my area. Here is a Google Map link to what I think is Lonavla
We were 15, with almost half kids! That was eventful in itself!
Otherwise, we did very little (which was the point). We visited the dam, and one of the sisters managed to get us a VIP access to the garden. And what a big garden that was!!!
It served no business purpose whatsoever, but the Tata family believe in nature and greenery, so they keep huge gardens next to hydro dams just for the pleasure of it. They open it to the public, so everyone wins!
We had problems coming back. The folks at the bus stand told us we had a 12:30 bus that was starting from here, but it was coming from Hyderabad, and nearly all the seats were taken. The group got split in 2, with some who hired a taxi (a costly affair) and some of us to ended up taking the "Volvo Bus", which means a real long-distance bus that you're used to.
I wish I could give you nice photos of the majestic landscape, but my camera is dying on me. I need to find a repair centre. It was a good prayer time in the morning :D

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