Sunday, February 3, 2008

Catching-Up on the News

Ok... ok... I'm a bad blogger...

So, the updates are
a) Got a worst sinusitis than I'd like to have
b) Good progress at work
c) Gave messages again
d) emotional mess
e) landlord

Lets get going
a) I went to Hiranandani Hospital to see a specialist. She gave some some medicine and inhalations to do for a week and then come back. My wallet got lighter by ~ 1000 rupees that day. I love going to Hiranandani. My wallet never does!
P.S. That's where I do most of my shopping... it has a lot of stuff and its easy to get there. Malad has better shopping malls, but it takes more dedication to get there.
b) I had a few very productive days at work. We had some communication with the architect on the client side and hammered down a very strong proposal. I had to trash a couple days' work in the process, but that's part of life in software development. In the future, I'll make sure to tackle this more directly. I'm having more contacts with the client, but I'm suffering from demo curse... no demo works when I have to demo anything :'(
c) Gave a message at midweek and at the single's devo yesterday (sat evening). The fellowship is uninspiring sometimes. I have some relationships that are growing, and I'm thankful for that, but its takes convictions to persevere in an environment where I don't fit in (in many ways).
d) There has been some emotional stuff going on recently. Its complicated mess that just shows that I need to get more mature and wiser. So, there is a sister who just grabs my eye. If you know me, you know that there is nothing special about that... I talk with a brother about it, and he suggests having a date with her. Which is a big deal here. I ask for some advice, and one of the brothers decides to ask her what are her plans. But he miscommunicates and he tells me that he asked her if she is interested in me! Obviously, I've had no choice but to freak out on that one! Many "what ifs" are going in my mind, and I'm just hoping for the simple answer: a "no". In the end, I get the news that the whole thing remains anonymous, and that she's not looking to get in a relationship for now. That's a relief!
Overall, the whole thing has highlighted my frustration at being single and not seeing things changing. Why not changing? Well, one is that you can't really have a conversation with sisters. Another is that one conversation with one of the leaders is that I just won't find the woman I'm praying for in this country, or at least not in this city.
I haven't grown to be satisfied with God. So I end up feeling some hopelessness, and that in turns brings some temptations. As a foreigner in India, it wouldn't be so hard to get a girlfriend in the worldly way. Or to get an arranged marriage done quick: "Canadian IT worker, Masters' degree holder, will be in India for a few months and seeks marriage with a smart, joyful, lighthearted, life-loving and good-looking woman. Skin fairness irrelevant. Please send biodata, picture, and 100 words description fo yourself at" That'd get me a hundred emails.
I'm holding on that God will bring me (to?) a wife who will support the teaching ministry that He has entrusted me, and that its going to be orders of magnitude greater than just marrying the first pretty woman I can find. In the meantime, I have to endure having one marshmallow on the table, with a promise to have two later. For the record, I've been good at not waiting for the second. Keep me in your prayers.
I'm praying for His direction on where to go next... stay in India? In Mumbai? Go to Montreal? Somewhere else in the world? Columbia maybe?
Keep on working? Do a PhD?
I don't know... I don't care so much. Its all going to be the same anyway. Coding in Mumbai, Montreal, Berlin or Abidjan won't be so different...
e) My landlord has a low level of integrity. Rent increase and a few other things make me uneasy. I'm looking for another place. I feel like removing the Jesus stuff in the house, since he's really not a Christian. I'm struggling with vengefulness.
Please pray about all that stuff...

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