Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What Happened during "Holidays"

Well, I didn't have much vacation. I had the 25th and the 1st off, and that was it!
I had some "Christmas" celebrations, and a New Year party.

I also did some training at work during the "holiday" time.

Oh, and I celebrated my 4th spiritual birthday too.

I was invited to two house church Christmas parties. One of which I was doing the games.
Otherwise, I didn't celebrate Christmas, because its a worldly celebration that has nothing to do with Jesus.
I had a New Year's party in Mira Road (AKA Mosquito Town). I went with a bunch of AIESECers, thinking that the Indian host would keep things at a half-decent level. Tough luck. People getting drunk, four guys per girl on the dance floor, groping sessions, people passing out because they are so drunk, the host forgetting that he's married, etc.
What's a saint to do? Well, I have a couple follow-up phone calls to make. I'm praying for God to put in place the opportunity to do so, because I don't have most of their phone numbers (you know that I don't like to ask people's numbers).
During the party, I did not get drunk, did not covet the girls, kept my eyes clean as much as possible. Overall, I had a spiritual victory, leaving the party with my head high. In the past, I would feel like a loser for not having a girlfriend... that's one powerful before/after shot!
I did a training on Canadian business culture at work. The most interesting part was to analyze indirect communications and see how all the Indians understood the underlying point... and then be shocked at how a Canadian would be seeing it: being lying, disorganized, lazy, etc.
I've been baptized four years ago. I celebrated by going to a nice restaurant with my roomate. He asked a lot of questions which I was glad to answer. I also preached for midweek and managed to watch the Narnia movie (I had to waste a bit of time on my computer to fix the drive since the movie wasn't playing or being choppy. The house church leader asked me to do another message this week on the same topic (sanctification). I'll post notes when I'll feel that they are ready.

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