Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mumbai's Leaders' Retreat

So, this weekend, I was in Goregaon for the leaders' retreat. The Mighty Men and Mighty Women group were invited too.

The preach was inspiring, and I had the great time there.
Surprisingly, I won prizes for my Biblical knowledge. Let me tell you more

Saturday, 5:30 AM: wake up, shower, cycle to that brother's house, and take a Rickshaw to Goregaon. Arrive at 7:00 to find noone else brave enough to have their quiet time with us there. So we pray together and people eventually joined.
We had breakfast, worship time, and we split men/women. We had the chance of having a ministry couple from Bangalore to join us and they taught. The message focused on relying on God. In the afternoon, it was mostly practicals.
I got a good (and really overdue) d-time. The evening was mostly a waste due to the fact that the supper was more than one hour late, so the movie was canceled.
One brother came to me and inspired me. He told me how inspired he was by my example of leaving my comfort zone and adapting to Indian life. Its not the first time I get such feedback, but its always touching. Most people here never left India. In many case, barely left their state. The airfare that is a budgetable expense for a 25-year old North American engineer is a dream for the Indian one.
So you can tell that I have experienced things that many people here might never. I'm glad and thankful for all of them. And the mere fact that I am with my brothers is really inspiring for them... its Christianity in its real form: loving one another no matter where are are from, how much we make, etc.
I recall a conversation with an African brother... I was asking him how I could contribute if I decided to go there. His answer was simple: just come... people will be fired up that someone actually wants to be with them. I'm understanding that better now.
We also had the first exam. 2 points for a good answer, -1 point for a wrong answer (including no-answers). 50 questions, I scored 46. My hope was 0, since I didn't study (I focused on my teaching ministry instead). I was shocked to see I was a top ranker (except for brothers in the ministry, who were out of competition). I was selected to be in the final, much to my surprise.
On Sunday, we had a service in the morning, with strong reminders about some of the basics, including giving. Then a preach for the brothers about having godly conversations, and giving everything to God. Finally, some people stressing the real things! After lunch, we had the finals. I scored 92 points, first place!
That is, having barely any sleep, being braindead in the competition, with no real study...
I think I've been blessed by God a bit more than I expected. I'll be asked back much more than I thought. Oh well, that's being a saint.
There was a talk I was supposed to have with a brother that didn't happen. Its about a giving plan that I'm offering, and about a sister. Don't start rumours, I'm still single, and I wouldn't bet on that changing.

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